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The Key to Healthier Hair? Less Stress

Being stressFree is important not to mention the effects it has on our hair.

Stress + the hair

When you stress many things happen within your body, but it's not just your body it effects your hair as well. Stress can cause:

-The hair follicles into the resting phase called Telogeneffluvium which end in those hairs falling out durning combing or washing. -Hair pulling, some think that you can just stop right? No when you have stress, loneliness, tension or frustration. Pulling the hair can seem effortless and harmless. - Alopecia, this is related to severe street and usually the immune system attacks the hair follicles first causing hair loss.

Is hair loss permanent ? If caused by stress it can grow back depending on the severity of the stress and the phase of the hair follicle cycle.Each follicle is different. The hair goes through four phases so at different points in the phase your hair can take on different properties.

The Phases are : Anagen - Growing Catagen - Shrinking Telogen - Resting Exogen - Shedding How can I manage my stress?

Nutrition, is important eating foods high in vitamins c b and e are important to the health of your hair. Also, make sure you intake enough water everyday.

  1. Exercise 2 times per week

  2. Partake in hobbies you love once per week

  3. Expressing your feelings

  4. Deep and focused breathing and meditation daily

  5. Seek professional help if needed

  6. Apply Castor oil 1-2 per week on scalp

  7. Use Rogaine (use as directed)

  8. Keep scalp clean by washing at least once a week

How do you manage your stress?

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