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Go Ahead, Treat Yourself..Your Hair That Is

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Oh, the beautiful month of August, the time when our days are filled with long car rides with the top down, swimming for hours on end and experimenting with fun, summer hair trends. We're living the life, but what about our hair? It can appear pretty dull and lifeless if not taken care of properly. Read along for the top 12 benefits of treatments and trims, and products we recommend to bring vibrancy to your hair this August.

12 Benefits of Treatments and Trims

The benefits of treatments and trims are:

  1. Prevents breakage from split ends

  2. Makes the hair appear to be fuller

  3. Restores the hair back ingredients to revitalize the hair

  4. Repairs the hair shaft

  5. Infused moisture from dry hair

  6. Repairs damaged hair

  7. Promotes hair growth

  8. Helps retain the length

  9. Reduces frizz

  10. easy to detangle

  11. Minimizes beaded knots on Afro hair

  12. Boost curls

Here are a few products we recommend to keep that hair looking health and fabulous as we close out summer and head into fall.

  1. Olaplex

  2. Mizani true textures moisture replenishing conditioner

  3. Sexy hair Strong to the core

  4. Mizani nourishing oil

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