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Preserving your look on hot summer days can be a challenge, especially when it comes to swimming, riding in the car with the windows down and sweating out your freshly done hair and makeup. Here are our top tips for combating the heat while your looks stay on point!

Invest in Water-Resistant Makeup

Look for a Foundation primer, Foundation mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, or face product that uses polymers, which is less harsh on the skin and allows the skin to breath. It doesn't clog the pores as much as waterproof and is a great option for those with for sensitive skin.

Take Charge With Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup uses silicones that are like a stain, which acts as a repellent to moisture. This is your best option if you are emotional during a wedding or if you swim a lot during the summer months. The one downside to waterproof makeup is that it can be a bit harsh to remove. Removing waterproof makeup requires heavy oil based makeup remover which can be rough on the skin.

Summer Hair, Don't Care!

Some protective hairstyles that will be poppin' this summer are braided high ponytails, jumbo box braids or twist, faux locs and believe it or not, straight-back cornrows. It just might get too hot this summer for the wigs, we are taking them off. Embrace it!! 

Keep your protective styles cute and clean by running water over them, or even using a light shampoo to keep them smelling fresh.

After swimming, rinse braids with water. If necessary  use an applicator bottle and with 1part water and 1part shampoo, squeeze the mixture into your braids to get a deeper cleaning. Gently massage the braids, to stimulate the lather. Scrubbing vigorously will cause frizziness to occur so really, massage gently. You want to keep your braids looking as nice as possible for as long as you can.


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